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May 02 2016
With the invention and the launch of self-propelled vehicles - cars and motorcycles, the biggest question about the power supply to this new mode of transport. The solution to this problem was car battery. This solution is still valid to this day, and the battery is a mandatory attribute of any car, irrespective of its purpose and the type of engine.
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April 13 2016
The Amaron car battery is manufactured based on in depth knowledge of current and upcoming needs of customer in mind. The mechanism on which car battery work is to converts chemical energy into electrical energy for later return. It helps both the operation of your car and your comfort.
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March 15 2016
For a beginner it is very intimidating to purchase auto parts. But with an accurate guidance, one can make the decision quickly without entering the danger zone. When it comes to a car battery there are plethoras of options and it is very easy to get confused and carried away. Having proper information can help you sideline a lot of options. If you ask for my advice, I believe Tata green car battery is a reliable and safe option.
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March 06 2016
The car battery provides the power placed under the hood of your car. The electricity needed for sliding windows, lights, door locks and other accessories are provided by the car battery. Actually the car is dead if the battery dies. Discard the old battery in a proper way by sending to recycling stations or give it to automotive supply stores, get discount while buying new batteries.
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January 27 2016
Winter can be tough on any type of car and the car battery gets great beating during winter. It is found that the car battery loses its 33 percent power when the temperature goes below the freezing point and more than 50 percent of power is lost when the temperature goes below zero degree. Keeping your vehicle ready for the winter is not an overwhelming process and the ideal way is to start with battery check-up.
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