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How will I know that my battery order has been confirmed by Everyone Choice?
The moment you place your order and make your payment, you will receive a call from our verification manager. The manager will be making this call to confirm and verify the order, shipping details, and customer availability. After the confirmation call is over, you will receive an e-mail with product summary and estimated delivery time, thus, confirming the order. The e-mail will also contain the order ID so that you can refer it.
Will there be any hidden charges like Service Tax for the battery purchase I make?
The prices of the batteries and the inverters that are mentioned on the website are fixed and it includes everything. They do not contain any kind of hidden costs, service taxes or any sort of extra charges. You will pay the exact amount you see on the website.
Is it possible for me to select the time of delivery in a way that suits me?
Once you order the battery, all you have to do is wait for our verification manager to call you to confirm the details of the order. In this call, you will be asked about your availability too. We usually deliver the battery within 2-4 hours after your order is confirmed by our verification manager. But you can mention a time for delivery that suits you. It is not really possible to deliver at the exact mentioned time because of various reasons like a traffic jam, bad weather, political disruption, or unavailability of the product. Also, you have to remember that this is restricted to the orders that are confirmed before 5 PM. We cannot promise the same day delivery of orders that are confirmed after 5 PM.
Will I be receiving batteries that are charged?
The batteries you will be receiving will be completely charged. They will be ready to use the moment they are installed?
Who will be taking care of After Sales Service once I receive the battery?
Similar to most products, the battery manufacturer is the one who will take care of the after sales service. If you have bought a battery from us and if it faces some kind of issue in its warranty period, then the right thing for you to do is contacting the battery manufacturer. For example, if your Amaron battery that is under warranty needs to be checked, you have to contact the Amaron Service Centre.
What are the general reasons that make a car battery weak?
There are various reasons for the weakening of a car battery. You need to know what they are. This way, you can maintain it properly and increase its longevity. The most common reason for a battery to fail is driving in a rough or rash way. Using the power of the battery massively for things like air-conditioning, music system, lighting also makes the battery weak.
How will I know that my car battery is facing problems and needs to be repaired?
There are some general signs which indicate you that the battery of your car is getting old. This is the moment you will know that you need to buy a replacement. Those signs are:
 The car cabin will stop cooling properly causing heating issues.
  • The different electrical devices that are in the car will stop functioning properly.
  • The headlights of your car start to look dim or dull whenever your car is at idle and then it starts to brighten when you rev the car’s engine.
  • You will see a face a lot of problems whenever you are trying to start/ignite the engine of your car.
 How is it possible for me to maintain the battery of my car?
If you learn to properly maintain the battery of your car, you will be able to increase the battery’s performance and, of course, its life. You just have to follow these important tips to make sure that your car battery’s longevity is maintained. But just remember to carefully follow them because if you don’t follow it properly, you may face hazardous and dangerous problems.
 Regularly clean the dust from the battery of your car to avoid corrosion. You have to clean the battery surface and the case too.
  • Even then if you find some sort of corrosion in the battery of your car, clean it off by using the solution of baking soda.
  • Keep inspecting for different sorts of damages in the battery. Also, make sure it is always fully charged. Do not forget the wires which connect the battery completely clean.
  • Lubricate the battery cables with Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly regularly. 
  • If the car battery is in an idle condition, switch off all the electronic devices. 
Make sure the battery’s fluid level is always full. Keep checking it
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