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Car Battery

Car Batteries for All Car Makes & Models

The car battery is the pulse of your car, it is needed to power all the electrical kits, the starter motor, and ignition system, so it is very important to choose the right car battery.

Everyonechoice is an authorized dealer of all the major brands of car batteries, where you can buy car batteries online at the cheapest price. Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive range of genuine and branded car batteries online in India with the most advanced delivery options.

Buy Car Battery Online

At you can buy car batteries online round the clock with your ease just by few clicks of the mouse. We have made our website very easy to browse so that anyone with basic knowledge of internet can place the orders by either paying online or choosing to pay for the order by cash on delivery. We are one of the leading online car battery dealers where you can buy branded car battery at the lowest price so that you can avail the benefits of saving money on each purchase through us.

We are authorized car battery dealer in India of all the major brands which are in demand and thus you can rest assured of getting 100% genuine and branded product against your car battery purchase online via We have the largest network across India which enables us to delivery batteries within 24 hours of order under the express delivery module. Our car battery price with latest offers & discounts are available on our website with their features & specifications.

Car Battery Brands which we provide:

We sell all the best brands of car batteries online in order to sever only best products each time any customer orders any battery online. Great customer experience and long-term support is our basic philosophy of doing business. These are the brands we deal in

  • Amaron Car battery
  • SF Sonic Car battery
  • Tata Green Car battery
  • Exide Car battery
  • BASE Car battery
  • AF Delco Car battery

If you want to buy car battery online or exchange your old car battery at the affordable prices, Everyonechoice is always happy to help you. So what are you waiting for? We offer the best car battery price with free home delivery and cash on delivery option as well.

Frequently asked questions about Car Battery

Is it good to buy a car battery Online?

Yes, It's always good to buy a car battery online from the authorized dealers. is a listed authorized online dealer of all the brands of the car battery. We provide genuine car battery at the cheapest price with original warranty and free installation.

How to select the best automotive battery for my car?

  • Cranking Amps (CA) is the measure of the battery's starting power. Choose an automotive battery that matches the vehicle's requirements by consulting your vehicle's owner or repair manual.
  • Choose a battery with higher CCA (Cold cranking amps) if you live in a climatic condition where the temperature gets considerably low as the chemical process in the battery's cells slowed down.
  • Never choose a battery that has Ah rating lower than your existing battery or as mentioned in the manual.
  • Battery with higher Ah rating will work, but if you choose a much higher rating battery, it will lead to slow charging and load on the alternator.
  • A battery purchased within 6 months of manufacture is considered as fresh & keep your warranty card safe to avail replacements.

What are some tips for buying car batteries

  • You should refer to the manual, which arrives with the car, to check the type and size of battery the automaker recommends.
  • While purchasing the battery, its manufacturing date should be checked which should not be more than 6 months.
  • Car batteries with at least 2 years of warranty are considered ideal for daily usage and the same should be purchased.
  • If you are residing in hill stations and cold areas should check the Cold Cranking Amperes (CCA) of the battery before purchasing it.
  • After the batteries have been selected, the dealer should be asked to do a voltage checking of the battery.

What is the best time to get your car battery replaced with the new one?

Check the manufacturing date of your battery, If the battery has been manufactured more than 4 years ago then, it is the right time to get your battery to replace with the new one.

Can a bad alternator ruin a car battery?

Yes, a bad alternator may lead to dead battery & cause a vehicle to not start or run.

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