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Inverter Battery

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Inverter Battery is the most important part of an inverter. The performance of your inverter directly depends upon the efficiency and power of your inverter battery.

Everyonechoice is an authorized dealer of all the major brands of inverter battery, where you can buy inverter battery online at the cheapest price. Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive range of genuine and branded inverter battery online in India with the most advanced delivery options.

Buy Inverter Battery Online

Inverter have become a modern-day need in a complete home as power cuts are very frequent in India and no one can live without power anymore. So if you are the one frustrated with frequent power cuts in your city, it’s the perfect time for you to buy inverter battery online. We are one of the leading online inverter battery dealers in India, selling all types of inverter batteries online at the lowest price for the convenience of customers where they get their requirements fulfilled. We deliver the inverter battery free of cost and customer can pay in cash after the delivery. Our delivery executive will also install the machine without any additional charges but you just have to pay for the additional equipments, wires or switches that are required in your home.

Owing to the power hassles that we all face, inverters have now become a must-have. These power products not only provide electricity backup during power cuts but also save your expensive electrical appliances & instruments from the damage caused by fluctuations. At Everyonechoice, you can shop from a wide range of inverter battery. We only offer branded, 100% genuine and high-quality inverter battery at the affordable prices, so you can buy without any worry. You can choose from brands like Luminous, Microtek, Su-kam, Exide and many more. Get inverter battery price on our website with their features, specifications with long time warranty.

What brands we deal in?
  • AC Delco Inverter Battery
  • Leader Inverter Battery
  • Luminous Inverter Battery
  • Okaya Inverter Battery
  • Amaron Inverter Battery
  • Su-Kam Inverter Battery
  • Altima Inverter Battery
  • M-tek Inverter Battery
Frequently asked questions about Inverter Battery

Where can I buy inverter battery at the cheapest price in India?

You can buy inverter battery online at the cheapest price in India at who offers various sales, deals & discounts to provide you the best available price of an inverter battery.

How to choose the right inverter battery for my home?

First of all, know your power requirements that how much electricity will be consumed by your electrical appliances after power cut. Just call us our inverter battery expert will suggest the right inverter battery for your home.

Should I buy an inverter battery online? If Yes, from where?

Yes, You can buy an inverter battery online from We provide genuine inverter and battery online with original warranty at the discounted price. We offer various range of inverter battery of every brand with 100% product guarantee.

Can an air conditioner run on an inverter?

Yes, an air conditioner can run on an inverter. Capacity required to run an AC of an inverter battery depends on your air conditioner size & power consumed by your AC.

Why do we use distilled water for inverter battery?

Every Inverter battery has the internal plates which are covered with water. During operation, water goes through a chemical reaction and breaks into hydrogen and oxygen gas. These gases evaporate from battery and level of water drops this way plates are no longer covered with water.

Distilled water contains no dissolved minerals, salts, organic and inorganic compounds that may harm the battery. Therefore battery manufacturers recommend to use distilled water for better performance and long life of a battery.

What are 5 useful tips to take care of your inverter battery?

  • Always use a properly ventilated area for inverter battery. The inverter battery gets heated up during charging and operation, an airy place reduces the heating up of the battery.
  • Use the battery on a regular basis, if power cut does not occur, discharge the battery completely once every month and then recharge it completely.
  • Ensure that water level is maintained in the battery, check the water level of the battery in every two months. Use only distilled water.
  • Be careful that the exhaust used around the battery are dust free and open. Blocked exhaust leads to hydrogen gas accumulation which may lead to bursting of an inverter battery.
  • Keep your inverter battery terminals corrosion and rust free. If the terminals get corroded pour hot water with baking soda solution on the corrosive area or use a toothbrush for cleaning. After removing corrosion apply petroleum jelly to the terminal to avoid future corrosion.
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