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Batteries are a boon to people who stay in areas where there are huge electricity problems. Frequent power cuts not only affect lots of work but also spoil our mood. Imagine that you are sitting in front of your computer to do a very important work, and there is a power cut. In such cases, a backup is necessary in order to continue our work unaffected.
Now, the question is which battery or inverter to choose, which is reliable and will solve our problems. Everyone Choice has a large collection of batteries of well-known brands which are 100% genuine and come with a manufacturer warranty.
Now, the warranty is a very important facility given to any customer who buys any specific device. For a specific period of time, as decided by the brand, if there is any problem with the device while using it, the manufacturer will change the device or repair it without asking for money.
The batteries we have at Everyone Choice have different warranties as decided by their manufacturers. Batteries of Exide, Amaron, Luminous and Su-Kam are available at this site, and the decision of the manufacturer on their batteries is the final one.

When to claim for warranty?
The chance of any problem occurring with the device is very less but if you face any kind of problem, we are there to help you. We will help you whenever there are:
  • Installation problems with the device or whenever the customers are not able to understand the proper working of the device.
  • Technical issues with the batteries.
  • The battery is not charging properly or is not working for the desired number of hours.

For any problem, contact the customer care service of the respective batteries. The customers will be given free service if the product if it is within the warranty period.

How to claim for any product during the Warranty Period?
A procedure is followed to claim the product which is within the warranty period. Few original documents are required to claim for the repair or replace the product. The steps to claim for your warranty are:

  • Present your original Documents:
The customers are provided bills and the warranty card during the purchase of the product. The original copy of the bill and the warranty cards must be there for claiming for the warranty of their product.

  • Call the customer care:
Each and every brand has their service centers which are specially made to solve the problems of their customers. A particular customer care number is provided to the users. Therefore, in the case of any issue with the device, quickly call the customer care service of the respective manufacturer. Provide the representative the details of the product and explain them the problem you have been facing.

  • Schedule a Day:
The professionals of the customer care office of the different manufacturers look into the problem, and if assistance is required, they go for an inspection. A particular day should be fixed by you; when you can explain the problems you have been facing. They diagnose and resolve your problem.

  • You must present the original documents which include the bill and the warranty card and should hand over a copy of the documents to the service personnel who attends your device.
For any technical problems, installation or other related problems give a call to the customer care service of the respective manufacturers. Few devices have the warranty details installed on the device itself.
Note: Without ORIGINAL WARRANTY CARD and INVOICE COPY no warranty claims will be entertained by any manufacturer. In few cases, some companies do not provide a WARRANTY CARD to the customers, and then the INVOICE COPY given to the customers should be preserved for warranty purposes.
Manufacturers of the product are responsible for only the promises or the warranties made during the selling of the products. They are liable to solve only the issues which come due to some technical mistakes, in case you drop the battery, or there is some damage caused due to water, the manufacturer will not be responsible for the product.
The products at Everyone Choice are original and therefore, warranty services are provided to the customers for whichever product they buy.
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