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Useful Tips To Winterize Your Car Battery

January 27 2016

Winter can be tough on any type of car and the car battery gets great beating during winter. It is found that the car battery loses its 33 percent power when the temperature goes below the freezing point and more than 50 percent of power is lost when the temperature goes below zero degree. Keeping your vehicle ready for the winter is not an overwhelming process and the ideal way is to start with battery check-up.

When the service intervals increases every year most of us do not pay required attention to the car batteries but expect the car to start without any fault. If you have to buy new car battery, then contact Everyone Choice who is the leading Car battery Dealer in Delhi NCR dealing with different versions and popular brands of battery. They will help you to get the appropriate car battery at affordable prices and they will do the free delivery and installation.

How to maintain and improve the performance of the car battery in the cold weather? Here given are the necessary considerations to be followed to winterize the cold weather.

1. Always keep the car engine in good working condition: Tune up the engine, oil it regularly throughout the year

2. Professional battery check up is mandatory: You can check at your local Auto center to check the level of battery acid in the car battery, as the hot summer months would have made the battery acid to evaporate.  

3. Maintain your battery clean: Moist or dirty surfaces may bring continuous small leakage currents that can flow from one terminal to other thus reduce the starting capacity of the battery in the cold weather. The corrosion in the battery can be seen like crystal powder or like a fungal growth covering the battery posts and also the cable connection. it can be cleaned with battery terminal cleaner that is available in automobile stores.  

4. Tighten the battery fittings: Check whether there is occurrence of battery corrosion and ensure the cables are held tight.

5. Drive your car regularly: People do not use the luxury car very often or on daily basis. But be sure that you do not let your car sit too long without riding it.

6. Get the right battery for the cold weather: The car battery provides cold cracking amps to get your vehicle started. The cold cranking amps are crucial to consider if you are living in the location which goes below the freezing point during winter. Batteries take twice the amount of regular charge when it is winter. So it is wise to have a good battery with good amps   

7. Aspirin can relieve your headache and also give charge to your dead battery: You may be behind the wheel and would have discovered that your car battery is out. What is the best way?  You can start your car by dropping two aspirin tablets into the battery. Aspirin contains acetylsalicylic acid which combines with Sulfuric acid in the battery and produces the last charge.

Do not let a drained car battery make you stand out this winter. Be prepared for the winter problems by checking your battery condition. Ensure that the battery is clean, charged and strong enough to withstand the cold weather. Whatever may be the season; if your battery is in top condition then you will be free from driving anxiety. Everyone Choice online battery store is a leading battery dealer in Delhi NCR that offers the best quality car battery online at best prices. You can buy not only appropriate car battery but also inverter battery, generator battery from Everyone Choice, the well renowned battery dealer in Delhi as per your requirement.
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