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March 11 2020
Everything would come to a standstill if it were not for electricity. Electricity has become an explicit part of our lives and is essential for various purposes. Businesses tend to lose tons of money due to sudden and long power cuts.
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June 29 2016
These days power has become an expensive commodity and it is important that we take effort in minimizing its usage. Power cuts became a part of everyone’s life and most of us are used to leading life with power cuts. However when there is a solution to effectively deal with this problem why choose to stay to dark.
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May 24 2016
Amaron Inverter Home UPS to the house is a device - which converts the energy stored in the external battery into electrical energy with a voltage of 220V, 50Hz and the correct sine wave, which can be used to power all electrical appliances in the house or apartment (lamps and lighting, boilers and heating pumps, CCTV systems and alarms, TV, computer, automatic gates, refrigerator).
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May 20 2016
The Microtek Combo Inverter & Batteries use latest technology that improves the overall effectiveness and consistency of this inverter. It characterizes intelli-charge pulse technologies that make possible quick battery charging capacity along with enhanced life.
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April 07 2016
Living in India, one is very much aware of power cuts or load shedding which has now become a part and parcel of our lives. Everyone knows about it and its consequences that has horrendous effect on our lives. India being a country having a hot and humid climate, almost all of us need a certain type of back-up power in order to provide us with electricity during power cuts.
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February 25 2016
Today when you have to purchase a power inverter you will find that in the market there are two different types of options for you to select from. You have the option of either investing your money in an altered inverter. While you take a closer look at these types of inverters you will find that the major difference between them is the price.
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