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Factors And Tips For Choosing The Appropriate Battery For Your Car

March 06 2016
You can do-it yourself for your battery replacement but you have to be careful with the disposal of your used battery.

The car battery provides the power placed under the hood of your car. The electricity needed for sliding windows, lights, door locks and other accessories are provided by the car battery. Actually the car is dead if the battery dies. Discard the old battery in a proper way by sending to recycling stations or give it to automotive supply stores, get discount while buying new batteries.

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The factors to be considered while buying a new battery are as follows:

1. Size: It refers to the height length and width of battery. They are of different sizes suiting most of the car tray. The battery should fit securely and snugly. Refer the car manufacturer’s manual and know the exact size of your car.

2. Brand: It refers to the manufacturer’s name or the trademark of a certain product. Buy the brand that is recommended in your owner’s manual. It is the best way. If the recommended brand seems to be quite expensive then you can choose a brand following the battery specification given in the owner’s manual. Choosing the cheapest battery may be a poor performer becoming the expensive one.

3. Reserve Capacity: The standing power refers to the reserve capacity (RC) rating. It is the number of minutes a battery can supply voltage needed for running the car. When the car alternator stops working you can run the car just with the battery alone is the reserve capacity rating is excellent. Usually the RC rating is given in minutes. The RC rating will not be displayed in the printed label. You can refer the product literature or ask the stores assistant to provide the exact RC rating.

4. Age: The battery’s age can determine how long the battery can perform. If the battery is less than 6 months old, then it is considered as new battery. Verify the manufacturing date usually mentioned in 2 characters on the battery case. Letter indicates the manufacturing month and the digit represents the year.

5. Cold-cranking amps (CCA): It measures the battery’s ability to start in extreme cold weather. Choose a battery with high CCA particularly if the vehicle is driven in cold climate. You need not both with CCA if you are in tropical climate.

Consider these tips for your car batteries:

1. F or your car under vehicle warranty, check whether everything is in order. Otherwise, you have to expend for purchase and installation of replacement battery.

2. For your cars and other vehicles which are beyond the warranty period, you can go to any service center which can take care of all the battery needs. Check whether they claim reasonable prices. If you are approaching the car dealer, then you have to get ready with the higher budget as their services may be more expensive.

3. Installing used batteries is extremely dangerous.

4. During the start-up if the car coughs you can ask your mechanic to load the battery and the battery t should be capable of holding the charge properly.

5. When there is sign of battery trouble, look out for new battery. If you car is with dead battery it will not get good buy.

6. Normally a car needs replacement of battery after 3 years of usage.

7. For unsealed batteries type, add water to prevent drying up. This will improve the life of the battery.

8. Place the car battery properly on the tray if there is one.

9. As the car batteries are not maintenance free it is crucial to check the battery regularly.

10. Check the connections of the battery such as posts and cables are well connected.

11. It is advisable to have a portable battery charges in your car to use it for emergency need.

12. A car battery can be saved by doing ‘Jump starting’. But do the procedure if you have complete knowledge of it.

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