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Exide Car Battery – A Key To Power Supply For Latest Technology Car

May 02 2016
With the invention and the launch of self-propelled vehicles - cars and motorcycles, the biggest question about the power supply to this new mode of transport.  The solution to this problem was car battery. This solution is still valid to this day, and the battery is a mandatory attribute of any car, irrespective of its purpose and the type of engine. In Recent decades, with the use of massive technologies and highly equipped electrical devices, the energy requirement of vehicles has increased dramatically.  This leads to the need of highly durable and long lasting car batteries. The car battery brand that satisfies the need of all the latest technology cars is Exide Car Battery.

Exide Group is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive batteries, a variety of uninterruptible power supplies, wind power generators, traction electric cars, etc. Exide car battery available in different variants includes Premium, Excell, Classic, Micro-Hybrid, Maxxima, and Heavy Professional. Amongst all Premium, Excell and Classic Exide car batteries has great demand. All Excell and Premium Exide car batteries brands have charge indicators and controlling the density of the electrolyte. Premium Batteries with additional 30% power reserve and designed for modern vehicles with powerful engines and additional equipment such as air conditioning, power windows, defrosters and seat, GPS - navigators, DVD - players, which consumes large amounts of electricity.

Exide Car batteries designed to work in tough conditions and intensive use, which is accompanied by frequent starting the engine in congested city traffic conditions. These batteries have minimal self-discharge and a reasonably fast charge acceptance, as in their design innovative technology used that improves adhesion of the active mass with a special metal bars. Thanks to a specially designed cover, in Exide batteries prevent electrolyte leakage, even if the battery needs to be flipped for a short time. It is noteworthy that Exide batteries are high quality characteristics and therefore in great demand among Indian car owners.

In India there are numerous Exide Car Battery Dealers that provide Batteries for models of BMW, Maruti Suzuki, Tata, Toyota, Mahindra, Audi, Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Chevrolet, Audi, and many other companies. With the invention of e-commerce store, buy Exide Car Battery Online becomes easier and hassle-free. Online Exide Car Battery Price is more affordable than buying from physical store.
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