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Buy Hi-Tech Microtek Combo Inverter & Batteries Online in Delhi NCR

May 20 2016
Inverter - Voltage converter - a device that converts the DC (or AC) current to alternating current with the specified parameters (voltage, frequency). The Microtek Inverter equipped with a micro-controller support intelligent control design for an effectual performance. The Microtek Combo Inverter & Batteries use latest technology that improves the overall effectiveness and consistency of this inverter. It characterizes intelli-charge pulse technologies that make possible quick battery charging capacity along with enhanced life. To give power back-up for a long interval, it features the dura save technology. For reasonable price, it’s better to buy Microtek Combo Inverter & Batteries Online. This proficient inverter trim downs power consumption while the battery is charging with CCRC (constant and continuous regulated charging) technology.

Microtek Combo Inverter is divided into two groups:
  • Inverters with an approximate (modified) sine wave (aka, meander, automotive inverters);
  • Pure sine wave inverters.

Inverters with an approximate sine wave used to power electrical appliances, insensitive to the shape of the voltage (mobile phone chargers, electric lamps, electric). Often used in cars (where there is no AC power sources) for domestic use. It is worth remembering that the voltage of the rectangular shape - the source of interference. Such inverters are smaller and much cheaper inverters with "pure sine."

Inverters with pure sine wave used to power electrical appliances that are sensitive to alternating voltage form (telecommunications, measuring, laboratory equipment, medical equipment, audio equipment, heating boilers, circulation pumps, household appliances, using electronics, etc.). The output of the inverter gives such a signal, which is nearly the same as the shape of the voltage in the network with a certain distortion of shares. They are much more reliable; tend to have a more powerful charger create much less interference.

In Microtek inverter there is circuit breaker guard functions that can be retune to avert any damage to the appliances receiving power from this inverter. This inverter has an auto rest function which is switches off automatically in case of overload condition and then automatically retunes it when load is trim down. Consumers can easily observe the battery state of Microtek Combo Inverter & Batteries. There is a display that point out the position of function or any defective intrusive with the normal function of this inverter. Microtek Combo Price in Delhi NCR is more economical than other place.
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