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Why Generator Battery is Required in India

April 20 2016
When starting the engine the main consumer of electricity is the starter current reaches hundreds of amperes, which causes a significant drop in battery voltage. In this mode, users are fed only from the battery, which is rapidly discharged. Immediately after the engine starts, the generator battery becomes the main source of power.

Generator battery is included as electrical component in any vehicle that converts mechanical energy from the engine into electricity. Together with the voltage regulator is called the generating set. In the world of Internet, you can buy generator battery online too. Exide Technologies has a wide range of services and products designed to cover worldwide energy requirements stored in both starter and industrial applications. Exide generator battery is one their product. Exide generator batteries are little bit expensive due to its high quality characteristics and great demand in Indian market. But don’t get fret when online shopping is in trend. Buy Exide Generator Battery Online in reasonable price from any reliable and trustworthy online store in Delhi NCR.

Basic requirements for generator battery:

The output parameters of the generator must be such that under all driving conditions did not occur the progressive depletion of the battery.

Voltage on-board network fed by a generator must be stable in a wide range of speeds and loads.

The latter requirement is because the battery is very sensitive to the degree of voltage stability. Too low voltage will cause undercharged batteries and, as a result, difficult to start the engine too high voltage leads to the battery overcharge and accelerated its exit out of operation.

As the generator battery is a source of constant recharging the battery during engine operation if it does not work, the car battery is quickly discharged. The generator battery provides the required current to charge the car battery and electrical work. After charging the car battery the voltage difference between it and the generator battery becomes small which reduce the charging current. When the high-power uses (for example a rear window defogger, range) and low engine revolutions total current consumptions can be more ,in  this case  the burden will fall on the battery and it will start to discharge.  In this situation, generator battery supply power to recharge car battery.
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